The Prince Tsegah Hitz FM Drama Of Hatred, Greed …Amanda Tells It All

Top Television and Radio Personality, Amanda Jissih has for the first time open up on reason(s) why she resigned from Hitz FM – a subsidiary station of Multimedia Group.

Speaking in an interview with Ola Michael on Neat FM ‘Entertainment GH monitored by The Thunder, Amanda said the hatred expressed by Prince Tsegah popularly called The DON among other things towards her personality is why she decided to take a break from hosting radio shows.

Detailing the points into clearer explanation, Amanda revealed The Don anxiety to see her fail to enable him earn her role as the main host of her then afternoon show, ‘Showbiz Filla’ was just unbearable, something she said he has still failed to achieve after her departure from the station four years ago.

“It’s not tiredness. The drama was just too much for me at every radio station so wanted a bit of break to relax and bounce back. Radio is my life, though I love TV, the exposure there is too much so I enjoy radio more. I left Hitz FM because things were going the way I never wanted, I don’t want to open up into it that much because I still have a very good relationship with almost everybody except Prince Tsegah that I summon him to God. He hated me so much which I don’t know why but I leave him to God. I always say that when it comes to somebody’s job you’re doing, if the job isn’t yours, you can never owe it.

“Those days, I used to go to Choice FM very well, from Sunshine to Choice those days – that was when I developed love for radio so I had a lot of people around me who were mentoring me. So Tsegah saw me grow from that little girl to the fact that she has become a big, super lady now – the little girl grown to become a show host which he was a co-host to. He tried to sabotage me; he wished he was the one controlling the console and things. He was always uncomfortable; he wanted to be the main host.”

She added, “After I dropped my resignation letter, I sent him a text and whatsapp that I leave him to God and that, he would be exposed one day. There were many occasions he went to complain about me to boss Kwasi Twum and things. He did all he could to make me leave the Hitz FM house. There were times he called some Hitz FM fans to complain about me, they recorded him and sent to me, after all this drama from him when I finally left, he told one worker to beg me to come back – it wasn’t only that, there was a lot of things.

“I had to leave; it was just too much for me. After all what he did to me that made me to leave, he is still co-hosting on someone’s show. The 1pm to 3pm slot is still available without you as the host. I’m saying it for a fact, he pushing for Mark to get the deputy Ministerial role is not out of any good will. He’s doing it for his selfish gains. He wants to be the programs manager for Hitz FM so he intend for Mark to leave so he can take that role. It’s not like he has any good intention for Mark, NO, he wants to take up his role. He’s such a bitter guy.”

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