Sammi Awuku waves goodbye to National Organizer position as he speaks about his political future

National Organizer for the New Patriotic Party (NPP) Sammi Awuku says he will be saying goodbye to work at the party headquarters after his tenure ends.

According to him, he needs to pave the way for another individual with fresh ideas to take over in order to inject new energy into the political party he helped to win the 2016 and 2020 elections.

“One thing I’m clear about is that I won’t be on the ballot as National Organizer,” he said but when asked if he is climbing the leadership ladder in the party he indicated that “I haven’t given it a thought, I don’t think so too. As for National Organizer, I’m clear in my mind that I will be saying goodbye to the NPP when my term of office ends.

He continued: ” I think I’ve contributed my quota. When I was going for National Youth Leader, I was clear in my mind that I want to help the party win the 2016 election by canvassing for votes and mobilizing the youth of our country in a dramatic way for them to vote for change in 2016. I was successful with that mandate and then I was clear to them that I won’t be seeking the position as a youth leader. When I contested for National Organizer as well, I also made it clear that I want to repeat what I did when I was a youth leader. I helped and supported the presidential candidate and his running mate, support my colleagues and party leadership as well and then win the 2020 election for them and I believe that we’ve won a sweet victory for them to have a good Christmas in 2020 and I believe that I’ve done my bid.

The National Organizer further indicated that “I don’t think there are new ideas for me to contribute again as National Organizer so I have to pave a way for someone to come in with fresh ideas, with fresh energy so that If I have suggestions or ideas left I support the person as well”.

Sammi Awuku was coy about his future in politics and indicated that when he gets to that bridge, he will certainly cross it.

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