Mulling over the disturbing details of Ghana’s COVID-19 situation as captured by President Akufo-Addo in his address to the nation, there is no need quibbling over the fact that we need to retrace our steps and take up the safety protocols we used to embrace religiously.

Having our active cases climbed up from 900 to 1,924, with daily reported cases of 200, we cannot afford to go about our businesses like the world owes us.

One critical question which torments my mind is where these new cases are emanating from.

Until a few weeks ago, we had the spread of COVID-19 under our feet. The numbers had taken a beaten and we patted our backs for same. Our officers in charge had done a marvelous job trouncing this deadly coronavirus pandemic.

Measures introduced at the Kotoka International Airport, though some saw same as high-handed, it proved to be yielding great results.

We managed to stem the spread of the virus by blocking that pathway (Kotoka) so one gets a bit surprised with the alarming numbers being reported as new infections.

What exactly are accounting for these reported cases of infections despite our near-perfect or watertight solutions to the prevention of the virus?

Maybe some infected persons are outwitting the system. Maybe those who reported negative at KIA actually had the virus in its embryonic form and so they couldn’t be detected by the gadgets placed at the airport. Those people might have gotten the virus fully developed and have been infecting others, thereby increasing the numbers in the system.

Whatever the reasons are, we must stay safe by wearing face/nose masks, washing our hands and using sanitizers while following the other prescribed protocols.

Though some may be asymptomatic when they have it, it would be hell having to battle with the psychological trauma associated with it.

COVID-19 is no friend to anyone. It is mankind’s greatest nemesis. We should do something about it and the best antidotal solution is to guard against it by adhering to all the safety protocols as prescribed by the Ghana Health Services.

P.K Sarpong

Whispers from the Corridors of the Thinking Place

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