It’s Amboley’s opinion but we can’t stop promoting reggae dancehall – Black Prophet

Ghanaian Reggae/​dancehall artiste, Black Prophet has mentioned it is impossible for the media to stop promoting Reggae dancehall songs in the country despite the request of music legend, Gyedu Blay Ambolley.

The legend speaking at the launch of ‘Highlife Is Alive Fan Club’ in Accra noted that, “Ghanaian radio stations should stop promoting other music genres especially reggae and dancehall because they do not depict the Ghanaian lineage but rather, they should focus on promoting Highlife”.

In an interview with Doctar Cann on Happy 98.9 FM’s Showbiz Xtra, Black Prophet disagreed to this suggestion and said, “With respect and no apology, I think everyone has their opinion and Ambolley has shared his. I don’t agree with him because even the Highlife he’s talking about does not originally belong to us. We took it from the Whites and made it ours so he can’t tell us to stop promoting Dancehall and reggae songs”.

For Black Prophet he believes every artiste in every genre is working hard and doing their best to promote their music and should be pushed equally.

“We’re all working for the best so we should all benefit from it and be recognized for what we do. For me, I don’t even want the awards or anything because I’m from the streets. If someone calls me from the prison to tell me how my song impacted their lives or how my song was an inspiration to them, that alone is enough than the awards”, he shared.

Black Prophet believes every musician no matter their genre should be given equal opportunity to promote their music.

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