How To Lose An Election In Three Easy Steps (1)

It is if funny how the New Patriotic Party (NPP) even in a second term, seeking a third term mandate is behaving as though God had descended from Heaven to assure them of electoral victory in 2024.

Generally, the party is government is not taking care of its own people that worked to get the party into power, and would be needed to retain it in power.

As if that was not scary enough, the party has a chain of unfulfilled promises some very crucial to the development of the country.

To worsen the drama, it is as though some of its leaders are in a hurry to leave power therefore they have started displaying some new found arrogance, air of empty importance and throwing their weights about as though they are above the laws of the country. Chairman Wontumi and his mining saga is one of such people making the party an unattractive political commodity. His conduct is akin to a person passing flatulence in his briefs forgetting the scent is offensive to the nostrils of everyone.

These are three easy steps to lose an election and we are no prophets of doom but if the NPP fails to check these challenges, the party should consider itself out of power by next elections.

In the first place, the party has forgotten it would need more than its core constituency of voters to win elections. It would certainly need the class of undecided floating voters to cross the 50 plus one margin.

Let us not get it twisted. The party would first need its core voters and then some additional votes from the floating constituency.

It therefore beats our imagination why the party has forgotten its core voters. There are no plans to energize the party at the grass roots and renew commitment. It is as though communication has broken down completely at the grass roots and suddenly the views and suggestions from members at the base of the party do not matter anymore.

Funny! If the views, opinions and concerns of your grassroots do not matter to you anymore, how can you win? Would those ignored persons become relevant in 2024?

The party has left the job of resourcing the grass roots to just a few individuals. Such individuals literally empty their personal resources and bend over backwards just to sustain the ever growing weight from party members.

The homes of such people have become like the OPD of a government hospital where people queue every morning to beg for succor. How is this sustainable? The party has forgotten that when one tree is left to face the wind alone, it breaks.

For how long would the party continue to tell its members to tighten their belts and bite the bullet when the persons talking have no belt holes at all and are seen biting cheese and chocolate?

Your party members are in need of basic jobs. They are crying for the very basic things that would make life a bit bearable for them. Listen to their cries and stop turning a blind eye to their genuine concerns and cries for help.

What is the use of supporting a party that cannot take care of its own members? TO BE CONTINUED

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