Election Petition: EC is first respondent not Jean Mensa

In their relentless attempts to roast the Chairperson for the Electoral Commission, the lead lawyer for the petitioner, Tsatsu Tsikata, on more occasions than one can readily recall, has sought to create the impression that the EC is no different from the person Jean Mensa.

Tsatsu Tsikata has demonstrated his subterranean motives by referring to Mrs. Jean Adukwei Mensa as the First Respondent. The First Respondent, by law, is the Electoral Commission as a body, not the Chairperson. Jean Mensa is only representing the First Respondent (EC). This representation could have also been done by any of the Deputies or workers so deemed fit by the Commission.

It would be a miscarriage of fairness and honesty for anybody to suggest that Lawyer Tsikata is not conversant with the fact that the Electoral Commission is separate from Jean Mensa, its Chairperson. With this knowledge, it becomes very difficult to understand why Mr. Tsikata would persistently refer to Mrs. Jean Mensa as the First Respondent when she is not the EC.

It is trite knowledge that a company is, in law, distinct from its members. Impliedly, Jean Mensa might be the Chairperson for the Electoral Commission and might have decided to represent the outfit in court, she cannot be described as the EC or First Respondent with respect to the ongoing petition.

As observed in earlier submissions, this whole election petition is a grand scheme woven around a furtively orchestrated agenda of making a monster out of Jean Mensa in the eyes of Ghanaians.

The petition is not grounded in any substantial evidence or facts and figures for which the Supreme Court can employ in its adjudication. It was based on this insatiable yearning of the members of the NDC to decapitate Jean Mensa.

The fact that they have proven to have no evidence to their claims and are on a hunting expedition to get their hands on something from the same body they have accused amply imply that the agenda is no election petition but one against Jean Mensa when she has done nothing wrong.


Source: P.K. Sarpong, Whispers from the Corridors of the Thinking Place

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