Bob Santo is arguably the best comedian Ghana has ever witnessed. His demise brought tears in the eyes of the nation, for he was second to none. None can replace him, at least, not in the foreseeable future.

There was sadness without end when death played its inevitable role on another one of the illustrious sons of the land who used to entertain us back in the heydays of the dearly missed Concert Party era.

Bishop Bob Okalla was a delight to watch when we were growing up, but death visited and whisked him away from us.

When we decided to console ourselves with the presence of another masterful comedian, Nkomode, death said hey, I am not done with you people yet. It placed its icily cold hands on Nkomode and sent him on the journey hereafter.

A few guys have surfaced who are good in their own ways but have failed to match the prowess of the trio who left us.

The Ship Dealer, the Simple Khan, Oliver Khan of Pure FM fame is doing a wonderful job with his comedic skills and given time and the needed push, something phenomenal could be seen in him.

On CitiTV this evening and other major television networks, the opposition NDC MPs could be seen occupying the places of the Majority Members of Parliament (NPP MPs). They are, in essence, saying that their now 136 members beat up the 137+1 members on the side of the Majority.

If you ask me, our long years of search for the replacements of Santo, Okalla and Nkomode have come to an end. The Members of Parliament (NDC) have filled the vacuum created by the three legends.

Ghana’s democracy is being ruined by these NDC MPs. Lawlessness appears to be part of their DNA. How I wish someone would uproot them from the seats they have comfortably occupied to end this embarrassing episode!


by: P.K.Sarpong, Whispers from the Corridors of the Thinking Place.

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