Yesterday, lead counsel for the Petitioner in the ongoing Election 2020 Petition almost demanded, instead of making submissions within his capacity as an officer of the courts.

He was officially responding by way of submission to the decision by lawyers of Respondents not to invite witnesses.

While Tsatsu quoted copiously from the Respondents’ witness statements, he also threatened to apply to the court to be allowed to subpoena the Electoral Commissioner to testify.

Then he refers, as he and his Petitioner and the party they belong, to the will of the people, otherwise known as ‘court of public opinion’, in compelling the EC to stand in the box.

Unfortunately, Tsatsu seems to be teaching lawyers for the Respondents how to handle their case.

No evidence

What most Ghanaians are getting worried about is that, while the National Democratic Congress and particularly its candidate and Petitioner, John Dramani Mahama, haven’t produced an iota of evidence, saying that Mahama won the elections or that his opponent Nana Addo Dankwa Akufo-Addo, did not attain the 50 plus one vote required to be declared President by the EC.

Additionally, with the fervor and venom with which the NDC caused its constituents to ignite the whole of the nation with illegal demonstrations, we had thought they would have gotten those evidence in place and on time.

Again, unfortunately, lead counsel in answering respondents’ decision to call witnesses, appear to us to dismiss submissions that Respondents have made, instead of referring to his pink sheets and reliefs as well as statements from his Petitioners witnesses as ordinary citizens would expect.

Bilious gripe

From our honest opinion, the conspiracy to bastardize the results of the last 2020 elections including the personality of the Electoral Commissioner seems to most Ghanaians who gave 500,000 votes to the incumbent President to him to continue to lead the nation in sustaining its developmental goals.

Ananse games

It is amazing how a litigant drags a defendant to court based on certain allegations and then when the defendant decides not to testify, the complainant goes berserk and keeps demanding that he testifies.

At least, that is the thinking of most ordinary citizens.

What did the Petitioner take to court?

It is still confusing to most Ghanaians what case the Petitioner took to court – whether it is about who won the 2020 elections or the inefficiency of the EC. We, indeed, as a people are getting confused.

We agree that the case has political dimensions because it is about who won or lost the elections. But we have a particular difficulty understanding how the Petitioner can go to court on one issue and find other angles to his case later in the course of proceedings.

Like the NDC sympathizers who are confused, listening, and watching the proceedings, we also as Ghanaians are confused as far as the source of the gripe of the NDC is concerned.

Baying for the blood of the EC

What the NDC is doing, in the estimation of the general public, is simply baying for the blood of the EC. Since the dismissal of the last EC, which was occasioned by corruption as the NDC itself would admit by the records, there has been a plot – open and covert – in harassing the person of the EC.

Again, strangely, the NDC ignores the fact that the EC may decide not to herself enter the box, because the court and its rules, in our opinion, allow her that.

It is the prayer of all Ghanaians that this circus of lies and infamy, as well as skulduggery and subterfuge, will end soonest, so that we may move on with the demands of development.


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