Six grabbed over suspected kidnapping at Prampram

The Prampram Divisional Command is investigating a case in which six persons are alleged to have attacked a 29-year-old herdsman whose name has been given as Imoro at Miotso, last month.

The six suspects, wielding guns, stormed a fenced land that housed Imoro and his herds.

Per police reports, the suspects claimed Imoro and his boss had stolen a cow belonging to another cattle owner, Nii Anum Aden, hence their revenge.

The six suspects are said to have beaten Imoro mercilessly before tying him in one of their cars and driving away.

Prampram Divisional Crime Officer, Chief Supt. Cecilia Arko, said they have been able to arrest these suspects through an identification parade with the assistance of a witness.

“One of the well-built men kicked Imoro to the ground and kicked his stomach and chest area. Another kicked him in the face, leaving Imoro bleeding in his ear, nose, and mouth. They took turns and repeated the action about three times,” the witness is said to have narrated.

However, the victim has still not been traced, but police are hopeful he will be alive since the perpetrators are behind bars.

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