Shut Down GHAMRO – D-Black

Hiphop artiste D-Black has declared that the Ghana Music Rights Organisation (GHAMRO) which is mandated to collect royalties on behalf of Ghanaian musicians had not positioned itself well over the years.

He, however, suggested that the collective society should be scrapped to pave way for a new collective society to be created to effectively manage the royalties system in Ghana’s creative arts space.

The hiphop artiste, who has been impressed with the progress the music industry has made even with its many challenges, indicated that one area that has not impressed him is the royalties system in the country, an area he believes needs a lot of work.

Speaking in an interview with Docta Kay on Accra100.5FM about royalties for creative artistes among other issues, D-Black revealed that for the past five years he had only received GH¢600 from GHRAMRO as royalties.

He mentioned that if GHAMRO’s collection system is not working, in his view, the whole royalties system must be overhauled.

According to him, it is unfortunate to state that the current direction and focus of GHAMRO as an organisation does not guarantee the utmost benefits to Ghanaian musicians.

He, however, criticised GHAMRO over what he describes as their inability to effectively collect royalties from radio and television stations.

“I feel like GHAMRO is not doing a good job at revenue collection, royalty disbursement and statements,” he said.

“Nobody has received statements from them before. That I know of. I haven’t. And, I feel like those entities should be shut down; a new entity should be brought in to manage the affairs of musicians in Ghana,” he proposed.

“Royalties are not just for the artistes; it’s for the producers, instrumentalists, songwriters, vocalists – it spreads around so that everybody gets what they deserve,” he added.

Source: Daily Guide

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