Scoring the co-sign of Stormzy a big deal – Yaw Tog

Scoring the co-sign of British-Ghanaian star, Stormzy was a “big deal,” says Ghanaian artist Yaw Tog.

In the early hours of January 1, the former joined the latter on stage at the UPP Festival for a performance.

It was later revealed they had worked on a remix of ‘Sore’ – the song that brought Tog mainstream acclaim.

The 2020 Brit Award for British Male Solo Artist winner traveled to Kumasi, alongside Kwesi Arthur to shoot visuals for the remix of ‘Sore.‘

“It was a big deal for me. Even now, I can’t express how I feel about it,” stated Tog in a new interview.

“For the pedigree of who Stormzy is and everything he has done, it’s a great feeling for sure, and it’s always loved for Stormzy from me.”

Tog also shared how his life has changed following the popularity of ‘Sore.’

“It’s been great on one hand, but also my life has changed! There’ve been many things that have just happened for me since that time that I am still processing. These days, I can’t even do the normal things I used to do before because people recognize me. It’s a little stressful, but I’m managing it as best as I can,” remarked Tog.

‘SORE’ featuring O’ Kenneth, City Boy, Reggie & Jay Bahd charted at number 92 on Muse Bangers of the Year 2020.

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