Patapaa’s wife reveals why she agreed to marry him [Video]

Patapaa’s wife, Mrs Liha Miller Amoah, has opened up on why she decided to marry the ‘One Corner’ hitmaker.

She said she fell in love with him, and not that she chose to fall in love. She said contrary to what many people are accusing her of, she truly loves Patapaa.

She said she has had to deal with many people in her DM on social media who have bombarded her with questions about why she married Patapaa.

“Some people ask did I marry him because he has a big thing, that because he is a star, or he is famous, or because they say black men are strong?” she disclosed.

Asked if she was fine with the question one journalist asked Patapaa about why she chose to marry a white woman, she said no.

Her submission in the video has excited fans and they have called her mature and intelligent.

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