Angry Supreme Court panel has, in its bid to shake lawyers representing the petitioner, bared it’s teeth at them in compelling them to comply with the rules of court.

Needless games

It is admitted that, in ordinary court cases, both sides in litigation may play some allowable games in catching the eye of the judge or panel, while time is sought to gain the advantage.

Unfortunately, as Mahama and his lawyers were to learn, this was not one of such platforms.

Indeed, this is a case in which the petitioner, John Mahama, had huge interests in, and which therefore he was expected to exhibit an equal measure of seriousness and dispatch.

That was based on the fact that the NDC had put its vigilante constituencies on the streets to illegally and violently protest against what they ordinary, unlearned citizens had been told was a raw deal and a ‘stolen verdict.’

Lies, deceit, and propaganda

Again, this was against another layer of propaganda that Mahama’s votes were added on to that of the incumbent President, Nana Addo Dankwa Akufo-Addo.

Additionally, they argued, neither of the electoral combatants had the required quantum of votes that mandates the Electoral Commissioner to declare in favour of the incumbent President of Ghana.

Intriguingly, when their garrulous NDC communications director decided to make public the quantum of votes under contention, it was not even up to half a percent, or 5,000 as against the over 500,000 votes which they are technically struggling to dispute in their petition statement.

Mischief makers or politicians

Slap in the face

Until the slap in the face, the NDC plot was to take the whole nation on a wild goose chase, crying wolf, when there was none.

Little wonder that even the revered lawyer, Tsatsu Tsikata, had to protest the Mahama mischief by playing his lateness mischief in a case that is exposing the NDC to its constituencies as a bunch of illiterate politicians.

NDC can do better

The National Democratic Congress has been a force in the political history of this country. That is a fact. Particularly under Jerry John Rawlings and Prof John Evans Atta Mills, the NDC has contributed its bit in developing the nation.

From the construction of a Constitution through the successful Economic Recovery Programme to the eradication of guinea worm and rural electrification, the NDC did its best.

Unfortunately, under John Mahama, the impression the public is gaining is that politics is mischief, access to power for political profit and barking, and noisemaking as a means of gaining recognition and reward. That is the story the NDC’s is telling about itself to the court.

Redeeming NDC

It is, however, the opinion of the Thunder that the NDC can do better by redeeming itself and getting back to winning ways, in being a positive force in terms of adding to our good governance strides.

Politics, we must admit, is always about policies and the rule of law. To grow the economy and develop, we need to hold on to and develop our laws and policies.

Let it not be said that anytime issues of the law and policy or good governance, for that matter, comes up – like our two election petitions – it is the NDC that seeks to act retrogressive.


The petitioner, therefore owe it a duty to the nation to put Ghana first by helping the court arrive at a decision in time.

That will elevate, not diminish his status as a former President – or even President – should he and his lawyers and witnesses prove that all Ghana erred in giving Nana Akufo-Addo over 500,000 votes.


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