My family accepted Patapaa before we got married – Liha Miller

‘Skopatumana” hitmaker, Patapaa got married to his girlfriend Liha Miller over the weekend but their marriage courted social media controversies.

Some social media users who took a keen interest in the marriage ceremony wondered why the woman’s family members were missing on the wedding day.

Others also argued it might be a marriage contract between the two lovebirds.

In order to put to rest all the rumours and questions on whether or not Liha Miller’s family supported her marriage with Patapaa or whether it is true love between the two, host Abeiku Aggrey Santana caught up with Patapaa and his wife in an exclusive interview on Okay FM’s ‘Drive Time Show ”Ekwanso Dwoodwoo”.

Dispelling the rumours, Liha Miller stated emphatically that Patapaa, as tradition demands, asked her hand in marriage from her family who also gave their consent.

She further debunked the claims of her relatives not being present during her wedding.

She indicated her uncle and a man who represented her father was at the event which happened on Saturday, January 2, 2021.

”He came to Germany with his Manager and one of his friends and the family also, we talked like all together, and they have also talked with my family to take the permission and the blessing because I can’t marry a man if my family is not okay with it. And the same thing goes also to his family; I cannot marry a man if the family doesn’t accept me.

” . . I think, for me, this my own opinion; if you marry a man, you marry the family too and if he marries me, he marries my family too. If my mother does not love or does not accept him, I cannot marry him. Yeah, it’s the woman who raised me my whole life; so I have to respect her. I have to take her advice and I have to take her permission and blessing. Without this, marriage will not be like happy and peaceful,” she stressed.

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