My Biological Father ‘Molested’ Me Verbally And Abandoned Me – Eddie Nartey Recounts His Life Story

Ghanaian actor Eddie Nartey has emotionally recounted his childhood and rise to fame.

Eddie Nartey, in an interview with, revealed that his biological father abandoned him after getting his mother pregnant.

According to him, it took his grandmother to accept the pregnancy on behalf of the father but even when he was growing up and needed fatherly love, the father rather became a thorn in his flesh.

”My father didn’t accept the responsibility of the pregnancy, so it was more or less it’s not me or it’s me issue. But then my grandmother which is his mother came to accept everything on his behalf because he was the last child and he had senior brothers who had gone to the University and everything, and perhaps he was the stubborn one and he had gone to get a girl pregnant. So, [yo] it’s not me; you get what I’m saying. So, we never had that relationship. I grew up with mum and all of that and I have had terrible experiences with him physically, [you know] things that he told me as a kid and all of that that were not pleasant”, he narrated.

He disclosed his father incessantly molested him verbally, creating a hostile relationship between him and the man who gave birth to him.

Some terrible things the dad used to tell him, he stated, is ”like go to the cemetery and ask your mother if I impregnated her or I slept with her. I was a kid and I could remember all these things; very unpleasant things but like I said it’s not something that I’d want to say for him to feel bad. It’s something that I grew up and experienced and it was terrible, and I think those who were the things that motivated me”.

”It makes me feel so bad, so sad because I know the kind of father I want to be should I become one and all these years, I’ve never had anybody to guide me, to support me, to say I’m there for you or I will be there for you. No!…Even when I was banned in the industry and all of that, there’s nobody that I can say that has stood for me and has been there for as a father but there’s a woman who has really helped me as a mother”, he passionately intimated.

Eddie Nartey added that although his upbringing was tough, he however didn’t allow the challenges to weigh him down.

He said; ”I do believe that, because of my cheeks, people think that I’m from a very rich home. I’m from the street. So, I think those experiences gave me courage, gave me motivation and made me realize that [yo] if you stay here, there’s nothing for you so move on and wherever I needed to lay my head; I didn’t care, I just moved.”

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Source: Eugene Osafo-Nkansah/

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