I never disrespected Kumasi on ‘Facts’ – Yaa Pono explains bars

While some have deciphered a line in his latest song ‘Facts’ as a dig at Kumasi-based rappers and the Kumerica movement, Yaa Pono insists he never denigrated the movement nor rappers from the Garden City.

Yaa Pono maintained on ‘Facts’ that his talent is unmatched and he took a dig at Shatta Wale for organising young Kumasi-based rappers for a record after doing a collaboration with US star Beyonce.

“After Beyonce, you do a track with Kumasi rappers,” he rapped, highlighting Shatta Wale’s decision to record a song with Kumasi rappers after he was featured on Beyonce’s record-breaking ‘Already’.

This triggered insults from some Kumasi-based personalities, notable amongst them are rappers Primpong and King Paluta who were all featured on Shatta Wale’s ‘Ahodwo Las Vegas’ – the song recorded after Beyonce’s collaboration.

Both rappers have released separate songs in their attempt to scold Yaa Pono for what they describe as a disrespectful comment.

Phrimpong titles his ‘That Line’ while King Paluta calls his ‘Murder Case’.

The duo among others rebuked Yaa Pono and maintained he has been a failure in the music space. They posited that the Tema-based rapper has nothing to show despite being a Methuselah in the Ghana music industry yet has the audacity to disrespect a movement that has taken the industry by storm.

But in a tweet, Yaa Pono said the line in the song has been misconstrued.

“I’m King in Kumasi…Igo never trash my people. ‘After Beyonce’ means ksi [Kumasi] is hotter than US. Read bars,” he tweeted.

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