Guru in a near fight with Arnold Asamoah-Baidoo over Kuami Eugene collaboration scuffle

It was a rather tense atmosphere in the studios of Peace FM when Entertainment pundit, Arnold Asamoah Baidoo and hip-life artiste Guru clashed over issues relating to Kuami Eugene’s refusal to feature on Guru’s song.

But for the intervention of Socrates Safo and the Peace FM’s Entertainment Review host, Akwasi Aboagye, the two would have traded blows after engaging in a heated argument that lasted for about 9 minutes.

Prior to the banter, Guru was invited as a guest for the popular entertainment show where Arnold was one of the pundits.

When it was Arnold on the show said Guru has become irrelevant as compared to the likes of Kuami Eugene, Kidi, and so on.

“You are not on top. It’s a fact. You are not and I won’t sit here and lie to you. You’re making it look like your fans are pressurizing you to feature Eugene on a song. So if your fans ask you to lay your head under an articulated track, you will gladly do that? Stop lying. You wanted to feature them because they are the ones on top and you wanted a hit song,” Arnold stated mischievously.

Guru on the other hand who did not take such comments lightly alleged that Arnold is one of the reasons why he is being disrespected in the entertainment industry.

According to the ‘Lapaz Toyota’ hitmaker, this is not the first time Arnold has passed such derogatory comments about him.

“Why are you trying to shadow me? I know I am on top of my game and I don’t need anybody to tell me that. Arnold is speaking from a self-seeking interest. He has had issues with me from way back. Go online and check all the stories he had written about me when he was a columnist,” Guru fumed.

Guru after careful analysis warned Arnold never to discuss him at any entertainment show whatsoever.

“Never talk about me on any platform. Never discuss me on any entertainment show henceforth. If you talk, then that means that you are ready for the repercussions,” Guru said angrily.

But Arnold in a quick rebuttal said whiles hitting the table:

“The job I’m doing, I’m a panel member and a pundit, if your issues spring up, and I’ll talk about it. What can you do about that? Will, you beat me?”

Guru who was getting more irritated about Arnold’s reply was prevented by Socrates Safo and another gentleman from engaging in any physical fights.

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