Govt pledges more support to police service

“As we urge the public to come on board, I wish to charge officers on parade in particular, and all other police officers to note that the anticipation of the Ghanaian public is for you to be proactive and accountable to them.

“You should be, first, exemplary law-abiding citizens for others to emulate. As professionals, always remember to treat people the way you wish yourselves, spouse or children to be treated. Therefore, in enforcing the law, be fair, firm and fearless.”

These were the words of the Vice President, Dr. Mahamudu Bawumia, at the 51st Cadet Officers’ Graduation of the Ghana Police Academy, Tesano – Accra on Friday 25th November, 2022. The 308 Officers, who have been commissioned into the ranks of Deputy Superintendent of Police and Assistant Superintendents of Police, were taken through the revamped training model, based on a significant practical outlook with limited theoretical content, making it the first of its kind in the history of the Police Service.

According to officials of the Ghana Police Academy, the programme now has a blend of theory and practical training modules including a four (4) week High Risk Training and six (6) weeks Practical Field Attachment with the view to producing a more confident and practically oriented Officers to strengthen leadership at the District and Unit levels across the country. “I congratulate you as pioneers of this training reform agenda and urge you all to work collaboratively with the communities to improve safety and security for socio-economic development,” Vice President Bawumia told the graduands.

Government Support to the Ghana Police Service
Government, Dr. Bawumia said, will continue to resource the Police Service in its quest to become a world class Police institution. Thus, the Police will continue to receive the needed infrastructure, resources and motivation necessary to effectively maintain law and order in line with its constitutional mandate.

“It is in the light of this commitment that additional infrastructure such as lecture/syndicate rooms, ultra-modern auditorium and residential accommodation are being put up at the Academy to contain the increasing number of officers admitted to the Academy.

“Within the year, the government even in the face of budgetary constraints recently procured over 2000 motorbikes for the Police to strengthen its on-going crime prevention/visibility operational initiatives within the framework of promoting democratic policing in the country.

“As a result of this intervention, communities which hitherto were not easily accessible can have their share of police presence due to the better maneuverability capabilities of these motorbikes. As His Excellency the President promised during the handing over of the motorbikes, some 3000 more will be added to bring the number to 5000 to ensure that no community is left out.”

About 200 pick-up vehicles have also been procured for the Police to be used by Regional Formed Police Units (FPUs) soon to be deployed to about one hundred and forty (140) locations across the country, the Vice President disclosed further.

“These deployments are going to lead to a significant boost in the quality of policing on all highways across the country to enable everyone go about their daily activities in safety.”

Public support
Dr. Bawumia urged the public to collaborate with the Police and the other security agencies to ensure national security, emphasizing the collective roles we all have to play towards building safer communities.

“I would like to entreat every well-meaning Ghanaian to come on board so that together, we can sustain the gains made in ensuring a safe, peaceful and a secure Ghana. Let us partner the police in our various communities to police us better. Passing on relevant information on crime and criminal activities to the police is a gesture that can save lives,” he noted.

Source: daily guide

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