Government should ease up restrictions on events -Mr Drew laments

Mr Drew has expressed his frustrations with the government against the COVID-​19 restrictions against public gatherings as it affects his source of income.

The highlife and afrobeat hitmaker Andrew Commey Otoo said he’s looking forward to having a stage performance with his fans.

Speaking in an interview after his performance on the just ended Talented Kidz Season 12, he pleaded with the government to ease up the restriction to social gatherings.

The ‘Dwe’ Hitmaker made it known that he has missed such joyful moments with his fans, and he can not wait to engage them in the coming days ahead and celebrate the new hits he had released. He also hinted that these performances fetch them the cash, and as such ban on events should be eased.

Mr. Drew and his colleague artist are hoping to perform their song hits to their fans.

Mr Drew said, “We are hoping that the government considers the music industry and eases up the restrictions so that event organizers can put up shows for us to perform.”

Audience and artiste engagement is the most thrilling part of every artist. unfortunately, COVID-​19 halted every public gathering making them resort to virtual concerts and live shows on social media platforms which isn’t impactful as the former.

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