EC saved Ghana $90m in 2020 – Bossman Asare

The Electoral Commission (EC) says it has saved the nation up to $90 million after spending over $700 million in the 2020 polls.

Dr Bossman Eric Asare, Deputy Chairman of the Commission in charge of Corporate Services, said the Commission attributes this to more prudent management compared to previous polls in spite of the criticism about its poor handling.

He added in a chat with the media that the EC will work towards beating the cost down further.
“The Commission [in the 2020 election] spent a little over ¢766 million and when you look at it in dollar terms may be some ¢150 million and when you compare this to what the Commission has been doing previously, this translates into $7.70 cents per each voter.

“In 2016, we did it at $13 per voter, [so considering this], you are looking at a little over $90 million and we didn’t do that by accident. Prudent management has been a contributing factor,” he said.
Already the EC has tagged the 2020 general election as the most successful, well-coordinated, seamless and peaceful election ever organised in the history of the fourth republic.

Speaking at a post-election forum organized by the Coalition of Domestic Election Observers (CODEO), EC’s Director of Training, Micheal Boadu, said in spite of the Covid-19 pandemic, its leadership worked fervently to ensure that the exercise is carried out smoothly.

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