COVID-19: Palmer-Buckle urges more support for health workers after infection

The Catholic Metropolitan Archbishop of Cape Coast, Most Reverend Charles Gabriel Palmer-Buckle, has called for support for health workers dealing with COVID-19 cases in Ghana.

The Archbishop, who has been receiving treatment at the Ga East Treatment and Isolation Centre in Accra after testing positive for COVID-19, made the call in a short video he shared on social media.

While highlighting the dangers associated with the disease, Most Reverend Palmer-Buckle urged Ghanaians to keep the faith and observe all the relevant protocols.

“Let us continue praying, thanking God for the doctors, nurses, and the great good job they are doing. They are really stretched out and stressed out.”

“They need our prayerful support, love, and concern for themselves and for anything God can help them to do,” he said.

In what he described as the three Ps, he urged the entire citizenry to make use of “Prayer, Protocols, and Prayer”, as a means of combating the spread of the virus.

“My advice is what I call the three Ps; Prayer, Protocols and Prayer, and you can add two more to it- protocols and prayer, so it becomes five Ps”, he admonished.

Since recording its first cases in March 2020, Ghana has confirmed 71,533 cases of the virus.

There have been 64,658 recoveries and 464 deaths.

Following a recent surge and the spread of a new variant, Ghana has shot up to 6,411 active cases of the virus have had less than a thousand at the turn of the year.

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