Construction of New Air Traffic Control Tower starts in June – Ofori Asiamah

The construction of a new Air Traffic Control tower (ATC) for the Kotoka International Airport (KIA) is expected to start in June, Kwaku Ofori AsiamahKIA, Transport Minister-designate has revealed.

“ICAO has issued a warning to us that we should change the tower. We have no option. I have just informed the Minister for Finance that by June we have to start the construction of a new air traffic control tower and government must provide the funding for it,” Mr. Asiamah told Parliament’s Vetting Committee.

The current ATC tower is located on top of the Ghana Civil Aviation Authority’s offices adjacent the Terminal 2 of the KIA.

AviationGhana sources say a site within the KIA enclave has already been selected for the project.

The Control Tower is the central hub for the coordination of hundreds of safe and efficient aircraft movements through the airfield at the country’s main international airport every day.

ATC is a ground-based service provided in the traditionally tall air control towers. Individuals, known as controllers, who work in these towers are vital for safely directing and navigating airplanes through the local airspace, to land, and during take-off.

Air traffic controllers, or air traffic control officers, have an extensive amount of education and experience that enable them to command the skies with confidence.

An air traffic controller applies separation rules to the aircraft that they direct. Separation rules are used to regulate the distance between airplanes and aircraft by requiring a minimum distance between them. This is to increase safety and reduce the unnecessary risk for pilots and passengers.

The construction of a new Air Traffic Control Tower (ATC) offers the opportunity to create a landmark structure that is the symbolic reference for the airport and its status.

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