Commercial drivers on strike

Operators of private commercial vehicles have started a nationwide strike action this morning, Monday, December 6, 2021.

The strike action has left many passengers stranded at the various bus stops and lorry stations across the country, particularly in Accra.

The strike action follows weeks of threats by the Coalition of Private Road Transport Commercial Operators Union (CPRTCOU) on the government to reduce fuel prices.

The CPRTCOU consists of the Ghana Private Road Transport Union (GPRTU), Association of Tipper Truck Drivers, Harbour Transport Owners, the Ghana National Cargo Transport Association, the Ghana Committed Drivers Association, the Concerned Drivers Association, Digital Drivers, commercial motorbike riders, the Chamber of Petroleum Consumers, among others.

The coalition on November 9, 2021, threatened to embark on strike if government did not reduce fuel prices.

At a press conference, the General Secretary of the GPRTU, Mr Godfred Abulbire, said there had been an unending surge in the pump prices of petroleum products in Ghana in recent months.

A visit by the media to some lorry stations and bus stops reveal huge gathering of passengers all waiting to get vehicles to go to their destinations.

A driver who did not disclose his identity to the media at the Gbawe station said the strike action is expected to last for about a week if government did not heed to their demands.

“This may last for a week, we want government to factor us when taking a decision, if government doesn’t heed to our demands after this week, we may be asked to follow a new directive”, he said.

Some of the striking drivers want the government to allow them to increase their fares in order to make up for the fuel increases or reduce the fuel prices for them to continue to charge what they are currently charging passengers.

“We aren’t working today since government has decided to do what pleases them. If prices of fuel have been increased, then we have to increase prices of fares too.”

Some passengers who also said they want the government to pay heed to the needs and demands of the drivers and citizens in general.

“Me, I don’t understand what’s going on; this strike thing is something else”, a stranded passenger said, saying “I have been here since 6am. I managed to get on a car but they dropped me off because of some road blockades. I’m returning home”.


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