Businesses closed down will reopen after connecting to E-VAT system – GRA officer

The Ghana Revenue Authority Enforcement Manager in Accra Central, Joseph Annan, says locked-up businesses will be reopened once they connect to the authority’s E-VAT Invoicing system.

“All we need is to get their system hooked up to ours so that we can get real-time recording of their sales at our end. That is all we are asking for.”

“Once they do that, we will open up for them because, after all, we need revenue and that is what we are seeking to achieve,” Mr. Annan said on Eyewitness News.

Fifty companies were selected to be linked to this electric system that will certify all invoices and give real-time reporting of sales.

The deadline for this process was October 1.

While Mr. Annan said these companies had some concerns, he noted that “those concerns have been addressed.”

Thus, he said the companies were deliberately avoiding the GRA system.

“We have engaged them for a month, and it is like some of them deliberately do not want to [connect to our system],” Mr. Annan said.

He was speaking after the Labone, Spintex, Atomic roundabout and Weija branches of Palace Mall were closed.

Five branches of China Mall were also closed down between Monday and Tuesday.


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