Afternoon Robbery In Accra …Cop Killed, His Gun Stolen

Ghanaians got united in grief and anger when news broke on Monday afternoon that three armed robbers on motorbikes had attacked a bullion van, shot to kill a police constable on official duty, shot dead a civilian who raised an alarm over the robbery and finally left the scene carrying along a safe of money from the attacked van as well as the AK47 riffle of the killed cop.

The daredevil robbery happened in broad daylight and right in the heart of the Accra, the capital city, precisely at a locality called Adedemkpo in Jamestown.

The swift robbery lasted just a few minutes and by the time an anti robbery team from the Jamestown Police Station arrived at the scene, the horror action was over and the culprits bolted.

The lifeless bodies of the deceased persons were sent to morgue while other victims who sustained gunshot wounds were rushed to the hospital for treatment.

Manhunt In Accra

The Greater Accra Police Command instantly commenced a through manhunt for the persons behind the act and their accomplices.

Minutes after the incident, police barriers and snap checks appeared on almost all major roads  in the capital city as well as some minor roads were a thorough search commenced on motorists and road users commenced.

“We are checking all motorbikes. The operation will not affect the free movement of people and vehicles…This is the first-ever in Ghana for such a grand security operation to be carried out. We are pursuing a grand operation as we look out for the perpetrators of this heinous crime. We are also looking out for the booty,” the head of the Accra Regional Police Operations Unit, Assistant Commissioner of Police (ACP) Mr Kwesi Ofori noted.

The Crime Scene

According to reports from both eye witnesses and the Police, the robbers were three in number and were on two motor bikes.

The attacked bullion Van with registration number GT 8592 belongs to the Montran Company and had an unspecified amount of money.

The armed Policeman onboard the bullion van to provide security was identified as G/Constable Emmanuel Osei of the National SWAT Unit of the Ghana Police Service. He was shot dead by the robbers.

By the time his college police officers rushed to the scene, they found him dead in a pool of blood at the front seat on the van with a huge bullet hole in his head.

The van itself has been parked right in the middle of the road and had its door glasses shattered with bullet holes in other parts of the body.

The driver of the vehicle whose name was mentioned as Wisdom was not at the scene. Reports say he suffered gunshot wounds and had fled to the Korle Bu Teaching Hospital to seek treatment as at the time the police team arrived at the crime scene.

Persons in the community who witnessed the robbery action led the police team to a wooden structure where the body of one Afua Badu believed to be about age 40 in another pool of blood.

According to the eye witnesses, she started to scream to attract attention when the robbery started and this offended the robbers so the chased her till they caught up with her and shot her dead.

No arrests had been made as at close of day Monday.

This is about the third action movie style of robbery happening in Accra within a week.

Just last Wednesday afternoon in broad daylight, a robbery squad opened fires at the forex bureau adjacent the Police Headquarters in Accra.

They shot two persons and had their successful robbery operation and fled the scene without any arrests.

Reports say they later were seen on motor bikes in other parts of the city showing off their weapons and

Other gunmen also suspected to be robbers has shot and killed a 34-year-old man who was killed in broad daylight at Pig Farm, a suburb of Accra.

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