4 Ghanaian celebrities who married outside their race

As the saying goes, love often knows no borders. In our globalized world, marriage between people of different nationalities is on the rise, and it’s no different when it comes to these Ghanaian celebrities who have found love in all corners of the world.

Although in some cases, the racial and cultural differences which make up interracial marriages often cause them to fail, for these celebrities herein, their marriages are moving from strength to strength.

Check out these Ghanaian celebrities who married partners from other countries :

Kafui Danku

Although she was initially accused of marrying the seemingly old rich Canadian man because of money, the actress has indeed proven that “age is just a number” when it comes to relationships.

Kafui Danku is also a proud mother of two mixed-race children called Lorde and Titan with her Canadian husband, Mr. Pitcher.

According to the actress, she met the love of her life on a flight and they dated for 7 years before getting married.

Stephanie Benson

Stephanie is married to Mr John Benson, a white man who she met in London at the De beer film where Stephanie was then working for her uncle.

The two got married in 1989 and have since been blessed with five beautiful children ranging from 27 to 16 years.


Musician Patapaa Amisty got hitched to his German girlfriend Liha Miller on Saturday, January 2, 2021.

The couple met during Patapaa’s European tour in February 2020 and have been together since then. Barely days after taking the vows, the two have been embarking on a media tour to talk about their relationship until they were involved in a motor accident.

Bollie of ‘Reggie and Bollie’ fame

Born Ishmael Hamid, the UK-based Ghanaian musician is currently married to a British woman called Mira.

They both have one child and also live with their step-son called Jamir in the United Kingdom.

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