‘Yie Yie’ is best song right now but I’m not banking hopes on any awards – Okese1

‘Yie Yie’ hitmaker, Okese1 born Frank Nana Okese Afranie has cautioned up-and-coming musicians and showbiz personalities who put their hopes and trust in award schemes to desist from doing so otherwise they’ll end up being disappointed.

“Being real with you, ‘Yie Yie’ is the biggest song right now but it’s Ghana we dey. If you put your hopes in awards, you would end up being disappointed big time,” he said.

The rapper who recently got into a feud with radio personality, Andy Dosty, told Amansan Krakye on Kastle FM monitored by that his concentration is geared towards doing good music for Ghanaians to be happy instead of putting this energy on winning awards.

“I don’t really put my trust in those awards. It’s the work that we’re concerned about so that Ghanaians will be happy. But I know that certainly if awards should come our way we’re going to definitely win a lot of them,” he added.

A few days ago, Okese1 got his ‘Yie Yie’ song nominated in the 3Music Awards 2020 as Hip Hop Song of the Year.

He concluded, “Well, so far, we’re working on it with my management so by all means, we’ll file for awards so I would say that we’re in the process.”

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