WhatsApp’s new privacy policy harmless – IT expert

IT expert Jefferson Seneadza has called for calm amidst the brewing storm over WhatsApp’s new privacy policy update.

There has been a raging debate on the internet and beyond about the new privacy policy update, which suggests further data sharing with its parent company Facebook.

This change in privacy policy has also sparked an exodus of sorts to apps like Signal and Telegram.

Speaking in an interview, Mr. Seneadze said even though the new privacy policy for WhatsApp does cause some concern, it is harmless.

“The new policy is really if you put it in mark with all the other social media platforms, it is not going to make much difference. WhatsApp’s main focus has been on chats and with the new policy, the chats will continue to be end to end encrypted. Which means messages do not store on WhatsApp servers.”

He further cast doubt that the new policy rolled out by the messaging company is unlikely to reduce the number of users on the platform.

“ Everyone that has WhatsApp has a Facebook account and Facebook shares more information than probably any other social media company but they keep growing regardless of their sharing. I doubt people will leave WhatsApp because of the new policy. People don’t really care. All they want is to chat”.

WhatsApp users have to accept the terms and services of this new policy by February 8, 2021, or delete their accounts.

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