The ongoing conversation about the ‘rights’ and ‘privileges’ of LBGTQIs to take the sovereign state of Ghana hostage was put to finality when the President of the nation, speaking to the laws of this land, stated that any legalization of the activities of the LBGTQIs will not happen under his Presidency.

Until then, for the last three weeks, celebrities, bum contributors to current affairs broadcast programmes, a section of our human rights advocates, and some doublespeak politicians had been caught in a debate that appeared to be drifting away from nation-building to license and bestiality in which any emerging state like ours stand to lose ultimately if we played crap.

The situation became more confused when the voices that were championing irresponsibility appeared to be louder than those in favour of law and order as well as national development and prosperity.

Larger interests

We forgot that the State is a home where rights and responsibilities converge to facilitate security and prosperity; as well as peace and harmony among all members in the household. So, we reduced the conversation to feelings and emotions and the freedom to express that, regardless of the heritages and goals of the household or, State, for that matter.

So, we even had others, some of them respectable, lacing their arguments with words like ‘sympathy’ and ‘empathy;’ or ‘tolerance’ and ‘acceptability.’

Suddenly, issues of protection for the next generation and support systems that would make them responsible, hardworking citizens that would help propel Ghana into the next level globally and compete with their peers everywhere, were relegated to the background.


We forgot that when our teenagers in JHS and SHS begin at a tender age to drop babies from their weak babies; or when our youth got obsessed with tramadol, it has a negative impact on socio-economic growth. We forget that when our kids join local gangs and graduate into bandits, it takes state cash from our sweat to procure logistics to chase them and construct prisons to cage them till they are rehabilitated or they perish.

Indeed, we forget that when you have a child that elects to eat from the garbage dump, instead of the home, we have a moral duty to shake him from his slumber or cuff him, before he infects younger kids.

Finally, we forget that when empathizing with them, instead of correcting them, they would take their nonsense to helpless kids and goats and pigs or even infants.

Life is competition

When we see classmates and we want to evaporate, it is usually because we may have failed during our youthful days to take advantage of opportunities to develop. Of course, because all of our fingers are not equal in length or our knees of the same strength, that is why the State has put in place opportunities at every level to support all layers of capabilities in life – whether technical, vocational, academic or those that require physical energy, like sport.

Even for those who fall behind legitimately, we have social programmes from the coffers of the State. This is for the normal, healthy state.

In every civilization, those who deliberately fall into the desperate group, including bandits, robbers, psychopaths, and, unfortunately, people who feel good sleeping with their kind, naturally find themselves living away from home and on the rubbish dump.


That is about choices and being responsible to live with those choices, without assailing our resources, our peace, and comfort, or our development as a home.

That is why it is important that homes turn out citizens and responsible people in maintaining their sanctity and peace, harmony, and fruitfulness.

Those who failed to lead responsible lives and have brought pain on themselves should be deluded into thinking that we owe them their rights and privileges. We can only encourage them by admonishing them that it is never too late to turn a fresh page in life.

Law and order

Ghana already has a surfeit of social challenges that assail our march forward. Galamsey, banditry, joblessness, kidnapping, reckless driving, deforestation, teenage pregnancies, and drug addiction, vigilantism, etc are taking a toll on our capacity to develop fast.

Unfortunately, it takes too much of our hard-earned resources to tidy up crimes that ooze from these environments where delinquents have been made by some human rights activists to think that we owe them their comfort and convenience.

For those of us blowing hot and cold on the matter, it is time to look at the issues from the point of view of what the law says and how we can order our society, based on those laws.

That, we believe, is the truth underlying the President’s statement.

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