UG freshers stranded after failing to secure accommodation ahead of reopening

Scores of first-year students of the University of Ghana and their parents are stranded on the school’s campus after failing to secure accommodation ahead of reopening.

The University of Ghana has for some time struggled to accommodate its students on campus as the University student population outnumbers the available rooms and beds.

However, stranded parents and their wards are accusing the University’s management of hoarding the rooms, worsening the age-old accommodation problem of the school.

“We got here as early as 5:00 am, and we didn’t have any information that an accommodation portal was open. For us we came here to make enquires only to be told, they opened the website at 12 am which means they are preventing other people from getting access to accommodation,” a parent told JoyNews.

The frustrated parents say they will not leave the premises until the website, which the staff claim to be having issues is rectified for them to secure accommodation for their children.

“For us, we are waiting to see the hall master. We learned he has gone for a meeting but whatever be the case we must see him, so we will wait for him,” a parent said.

Meanwhile, the students who were able to secure accommodation through the online platform complained that they have lost the beds even though they had paid the required fees.


Source: MyJoyOnline

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