The President, in line with the statute and his mandate as President of Ghana, affirmed in the Supreme Court ruling, yesterday presented his State of the Nation Address amidst the usual pomp and pageantry that have always characterized such dignified occasions.

As the President observed in his opening remarks, the mandate he requested from Ghanaians to give ‘4 More 4 Nana to Do More’ has materialized and for reasons, he and all Ghanaians must feel excited, in joining hands and shoulders in working together to improve lives and livelihoods.

Post-COVID performance

The ability of his government in raising funds and managing such funds under the strains and stresses of the COVID-19 pandemic and the commitment of Ghanaians to stand with the government in supporting fight the pandemic through creativity, in his opinion, is an indication that the people of Ghana are behind him in his vision to transform not only the economy of Ghana but also its infrastructure and architecture.

As the pandemic revealed, but for the bold policies initiated by the government under the tenure of His Excellency. Nana Addo Dankwa Akufo-Addo, Ghana like most African countries, would have encountered shortfalls in food security, wrecking our ability to feed and clothe ourselves.

Thankfully, around the time of the pandemic, global business entities investing in Ghana and creating jobs for the masses of our youth developed enough strategies to stay afloat – with minimum losses in jobs.

Education with teachers in the centre

Significantly, as the President highlighted, Free SHS students, despite the headaches of the pandemic showed how committed they were in appreciating government vision for them by studying hard and making good grades across the country to qualify them for university and polytechnic admissions.

That, of course, highlights how strategic the government’s Free SHS policy has impacted education and reduced, as a consequence, the incidence of social vices, migration, and helplessness.

To sustain the educational policy, the government is also putting in place effective teacher training programmes and capacity-building initiatives so that the deft policies of the government in making education tick for students gain opportunities in life, is realized.

Transformation of systems to unify all sectors

Through an effective national data construction and management and equally judicious use of state resources, the government is synergizing all sectors to make planning and execution of projects convenient and modern as we strive to West Africa as a cashless economy.

That would, of course, enhance efficiency and reduce costs in productive activity across al sectors, effectively reducing corruption and waste, aside from the gains of job creation that comes with those pieces of transformational initiatives.

Cure for galamsey

While the government cannot admit to having scored satisfactorily in fighting galamsey as promised, there is hope as the President tasks the new appointee to strive to deliver on the government’s mandate – with enforcement and alternative livelihoods as key ingredients.

That, in our opinion, should help reduce the reprehensible levels of degradation in our communities in the hinterland as the government speeds up-tempo of its agro initiatives for mining and food-producing communities.

Transformational pieces

With more and more investments on the part of the government into the energy sector, Ghana looks set to repeating or even improving on its economic performance as renewed strategies in fighting the pandemic showed by yesterday that we are seeing a decline in deaths and an increase in recoveries.

Initiatives for the arts and Zongo communities, now under the Presidency, is expected to add to the impact that the government’s social initiatives are making in improving lives and livelihoods and creating access to opportunities.

Transport and communication

The Pwalugu Project which is the single largest investment made by any government and which has electricity supply and irrigation infrastructure should be one of the sleek projects in the light of the emerging levels of crime in the Upper East; we believe that together with other projects in rail transport and communication up to Burkina Faso certainly has a job-creating that should reduce crime and enhance social stability.

Together with the Year of Roads project, the government plans to open the nation up should provide encouragement to all Ghanaians not only about the ability and capacity of government to make life comfortable for Ghanaians, but also prove that the New Patriotic is the party of natural choice in terms of development and hope.

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