These Pastors Should Be Reminded Respect Is Reciprocal

Some church leaders seem to have a penchant to talk with scorn and disdain yet they expect to be shown respect. One of such church leaders recently referred to Ghana’s Energy Minister in an inappropriate way and we see this as an attitude unbefitting of a Christian church leader.

The Thunder newspaper reproduces a commentary published by The Inquisitor newspaper on the subject matter. We completely associate ourselves and agree with the position taken by The Inquisitor.

There is no gainsaying that the Clergy all over the world, apart from spiritual matters, also play very crucial role in shaping countries and humanity.

In Ghana, the clergy is heavily involved in discourses geared towards the development of the country and, in so doing, is very deep-rooted in the country’s day-to-day politics.

Most of these Ghanaian men of God are either for the ruling party or the largest opposition party; and therefore, had their positions on national issues, more often than once, betrayed on the divide they belong to.

It is, therefore, expected that before any man of God decides to speak on national issues, that person must have enough time to do lots of background work, so not to create doubts which could betray their position as uninformed, unintelligent and uneducated on the subject under discourse.

However, because of the penchant of some members of the clergy to be heard in the political space, for reasons known only to them, they wade into areas that they have no knowledge about and by the end of it all, ending up, public ridicules.

The Inquisitor recalls Bishop Dr. Elisha Salifu Amoako, Founder and Leader of Alive Chapel International, falling into the category of the men of God, who talks about issues without enough research and background checks.

In an interview with Peace-FM which was widely reported on various news portals, Bishop Dr. Amoako, took on the current government as well as the erstwhile John Mahama administration, on issues bordering on power outages.

The Bishop in his own right attacked the current government and the past administration over how the country’s resources are being handled and were handled in the past.

It is within the Bishop Dr. Amoako’s remit to discuss issues whichever way he wanted, because of the cliché that Ghana is in ‘’talk-let-me-talk” system kind of democracy.

Turning his verbal-heat on the Energy Minister, Dr. Matthew Opoku-Prempeh, Bishop Amoako described Dr. Prempeh as ‘So-Called Minister of Energy’ and wondered why the Minister would not step out in the night to know how the city looks at night without streetlights.

It is worth noting, however, that not long ago the self-same Bishop Dr. Amoako had the morality for apologising on behalf of another man of God who addressed power issue in rather frank manner.

In the wisdom of Bishop Dr. Amoako, the first Pastor sounded disrespectful to the government of the day. It therefore baffles minds today, why Amoako would garner the impudence to address a government Minister as ‘So-Called’.

A simple check by Bishop Dr. Amoako could have informed him that the Energy Minister was one of a kind who does not sit in office; but always out there to assess and evaluate the challenges bedevilling the country’s energy sector, especially issues bordering on the current power outages across the country.

If for some good reason Bishop Dr. Amoako finds it difficult to research into matters before speaking, he should fall on his handlers to provide him with information on subjects that are beyond his comprehension.

The Alive Chapel’s Head would obviously not be happy if he was to be described by the Energy Minister or any other person as ‘So-Called Bishop Dr. Amoako’.

Indeed, hell would have definitely broken loose should anyone try that; because of he being a man of God and an anointed one, therefore, should ‘not be touched’.

Whiles there is nothing wrong with Bishop Dr. Amoako to have the growing sense of over-importance in the current political dispensation, he should try to curtail the penchant of taking uninformed, uneducated and unintelligent position on national issues, by descending into the socio-moral grey areas just to attack the integrity and credibility of hardworking public officials like the Minister of Energy.

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