The money I received from taxi driver series could not even buy a shoe – Master Richard

Ghanaian popular actor Micky Osei Berko (Master Richard) has disclosed on Rainbow Entertainment that the money he received from the popular television show Taxi Driver could not even purchase a shoe at the time.

The experienced actor and broadcaster told host DJ Slash that he received an amount which translates into GH¢35 today as the highest pay.

He was reacting to the influx of foreign telenovela on Ghanaian television and why television stations are not showing local content.

He bemoaned how some Ghanaian actors are treated unfairly and given monies that did not reflect the work they do.

He said although some creative persons have been known as popular in the past, they do not have anything to show for it.

He explained that if as an actor the money you are paid cannot buy a shoe, then what’s the essence.

When asked why this has been a challenge he said Ghanaians are not willing to pay for creative content.

He said there were no avenues to receive payments for entertainment.

“Where are the theatre hubs? Where are the cinemas? How many of you are ready to pay and sit down to watch a theatre play?”

He was also worried about the cost per episode for local series.

He said television stations charge 30,000 cedis per episode for a local series.

He said producers are unable to cut costs because they invest all the profits into television slots.

However, the television channels go abroad to buy foreign content at the same cost, he lamented.

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