The anger is building up! – Yvonne Nelson tells Akufo-Addo

Actress Yvonne Nelson has indicated that Ghanaians are silent but are internally angry about Ghana’s health sector which is stinking and that politicians are only concerned with staying in power.

The actress who was on a tweet rant this morning indicated that Ghanaian politicians who are at the helm of affairs do not even trust the health system in the country hence moving out of the country when they are ill.

“Our Health Sector isn’t their PRIORITY! Staying in power is! They run and leave the country when they get sick, don’t ask why! They don’t believe in the SYSTEM themselves. They don’t TRUST doctors in their country.”

To her, gradually the people are getting angry and with time will strike if nothing better is done about the system.

“@NAkufoAddo DO BETTER! The anger is building up,” she said.

Adding that “Our leaders have taken us (GHANAIANS) for GRANTED for too long!!!! @NAkufoAddo WE DEMAND A BETTER HEALTH SECTOR!!!”.

See her tweet below:

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