Samini Learn Sense Okay? – Ayisha Modi Destroys Samini After He Attacked Stonebwoy

‘She Loves Stonebwoy’, self imposed hype girl of dancehall musician Stonebwoy, Ayisha Modi has fired Samini for coming at Stonebwoy over his Grammy comment.

Stonebwoy had said that Ghanaians and the whole African should appreciate Nigerian musicians for putting Africa on the globe.

Although Stonebwoy didn’t really say anything that suggests Ghana is down the drain for not winning any Grammy all these years, he noted his disappointed somehow.

That struck Samini as he reacted. Samini noted that Nigerians are soaring higher because they don’t disrespect their seniors.

She has asked him to learn sense and stop fooling around because he’s not the first person to help another musician to blow!

Check out the screenshot below;

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