Sachet water producers correct price adjustment anomalies

The National Association of Sachet And Packaged Water Producers (NASPAWAP) has issued a press statement to correct anomalies in a recently announced price adjustment of sachet water.

A statement signed by the association’s national president, Mr. Magnus Nunoo, said the correct price adjustments take effect from 15 March 2021.

Read the full statement below:

The leadership of NASPAWAP has noted with concern, anomalies in a press release purported to have been released by another association announcing a price review of sachet water to take effect from March 8, 2021. The national executive committee (NEC) of the NATIONAL ASSOCIATION OF SACHET AND PACKAGED WATER PRODUCERS (NASPAWAP) wish to point out the anomalies and effectively correct the stemmed confusion raging as a result of the release.


1. The proposed price change to GHS2.5 is the ruling (current) price for most of the brands certified by the FDA. Admittedly there are some brands not properly certified by the FDA and produced in garages and kitchens, compound houses, and unseen environments. Such brands, usually referred to as “ABOLOWE” sell at GHS2. Such brands are in the minority and constitute just about 1% of water producers

2. The release does not specify the level at which the GHS2.5 applies. Is it the ex-factory price, bulk purchase price, or the ex-truck or retail truck price?


1. NASPAWAP wishes to inform the general public that 30p was announced in 2019 to be the proposed price for the iced sachet. The iced water retailers are encouraged to stick to the 30p price for the iced sachet

2. Admittedly the price of materials and fuels has significantly gone up since NASPAWAP last announced a price review. For the 99% who are doing the right thing, NASPAWAP wish to recommend the following to take effect from 15th March 2021

Ex-factory price should be GHS2.5,

Ex-truck price or retail from distribution trucks should be GHS3.5

Bulk (200 bags and above) sales price or depot price should be GHS3

The public may be buying at GHS4.5 to GHS6 per bag from retail shops and marts depending on which location.

The public is advised to check on the sachet particularly for the FDA number when in doubt.

Magnus Nunoo

The National President

National Association of Sachet And Packaged Water Producers (NASPAWAP).

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