Refurbished vehicle spare parts – Driving their way through

The market for refurbished spare parts in Ghana has been an attractive one because such spare parts are economical – both for private and commercial vehicle owners. It has been observed that only the well-to-do vehicle owners of Ghana can afford to buy branded spare parts from authorized sources.

As the condition of many roads is not favorable for vehicles, drivers are compelled to visit workshops frequently for vehicle repairs and maintenance. This situation has given a boost to dealers selling refurbished spare parts which are relatively inexpensive and has also enhanced the economy therein.

Individuals and enterprises importing salvaged spare parts have also triggered a positive impact on the demand for machinery, lubricants, and mechanical accessories. The hotspots in Accra to source refurbished spare parts are Abossey Kai and Kokompe where new, sparingly used and old cars cannot escape one’s attention.

Importers of salvaged spare parts are a source of tax income for the government. Most vehicle owners in Ghana have also been benefitted, particularly with respect to affordability. Thus it is a win-win situation for the dealers of refurbished spare parts, vehicle owners, and for the government of Ghana as well.

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