The President, His Excellency Nana Addo Dankwa Akufo Addo, has begun appointing a team to support him to deliver on his mandate as President of the land.

After announcing a Transition Team to assist him set up, he has now begun releasing the names of a slim team.


That, of course, is his privilege, as far as he trusts these fellows and their level of competence; or that his decision in picking that number is supported by the Constitution.

Interestingly, he appears to be the only President since the Fourth Republic, who has largely stuck to his original team. That, in our opinion, indicates how deep he thinks before making decisions and, particularly, in picking appointees.


Again, as the one who has the hammer and the nail, and as a true pilot, he has the map and mandate to guide the ship of state to its destiny. That is why his decision to prune down on the original numbers is his decision alone – provided that that is basic in strengthening his governance systems to tick and deliver to win the 2024 general elections.

That, of course, is not to say that all the team performed creditably; or that the general public was enthused about the performance of all the various sectors. Particularly in the area of illegal mining, the government may be the first to admit that, despite the commendable strategies initially put in place, prosecution of those strategies failed to tick.

So, we ended up alienating a segment of the population, instead of assuring those in that informal, galamsey mining sector that they would not be unduly short-changed as citizens and workers in the new deal government were offering them.


What is basic is that Ghanaians expect the President and his team to perform in giving them hope into the future, as he puts in place programmes that, in his own words, will improve lives and livelihoods.

Farmers, teachers, informal economy workers, public service workers, civil servants, and the vulnerable in society – all need a touch of that magic that leaps states and government from the existence of more and more political parties and mere noisemaking to global appeal that attracts partnerships for total, holistic national development.

The same goes for students and unemployed graduates and how they can be relevant in a competitive world that abounds in opportunities but confronted with challenges about where one may fit and deliver his latent talents for mutual and collective benefits.

We can

Beyond that and as far as party members, however, are concerned, 2024 is a crossroad that should minimize the crosses of the party in winning resoundingly.

That is the only way for the NPP to hand over to itself in sustaining the huge gains that the NPP initiated in 2000 and sustained in 2020, after taking Ghana out of the doldrums under incompetent John Mahama to the pinnacle of global glory.

That is where we expect that the President must NOT fail the party. Let it therefore not it be said that, when it mattered, the NPP slept and ceded power to the gluttonous NDC because we underperformed or fought one another into insignificance, instead of uniting to hold on to power for the national good.


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