Pappy Kojo Humiliates Pope Skinny With Killer Reply After Skinny Called Him Gay

An American songwriter and songstress, HONE7 born Brittani Youman has strongly refuted allegations that she purposely came to Ghana to subtly push for acceptance of LGBTQ+ rights behind the scenes.

She remarked “I don’t believe that everyone is here to support LGBTQ+ rights in Ghana you know I believe personally I came to Ghana because of the music.

“The power that the producers and musicians have here is just amazing in Afrobeats is scattered all over the country honestly,” she said on Kastle FM in Cape Coast monitored by

HONE7 who is signed on to international record label, NMS Records and does genres that includes R&B, Hip Hop and country music revealed to Amansan Krakye that some artistes come to Ghana for LGBTQ+ rights activism.

“Some international or American artistes do come here to support the LGBTQ+ rights behind the scenes but I don’t have that agenda so I can’t really speak on the issue,” she ended.

Some of the UK’s influential names in fashion, film and media, including Idris Elba, Naomi Campbell and the Vogue editor-in-chief, Edward Enninful, have signed an open letter in support of Ghana’s LGBTQ+ community.

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