Oprah Winfrey warns her fans on scam weight loss products

Oprah Winfrey has recently denied endorsing any weight loss product and even cautioned her fans of not “falling victim to companies” these products using her “name and image”.

On Sunday, Oprah took to Instagram and posted a video in which she clarified that she did not support “edible weight loss gummies” being sold online using her name.

“I have nothing to do with weight loss gummies or diet pills and I don’t want you all taken advantage of by people misusing my name,” said the former talk show in a short video.

Sharing the clip, she wrote in the caption: “Fraud alert! Please don’t buy any weight loss gummies with my picture or name on them.”

“There have been social media ads, emails, and fake websites going out and I want you to hear it straight from me, that I have nothing to do with them. Please don’t be taken advantage of and don’t give your personal information to them,” she added.

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