Nose mask sales increase in Makola

Nose masks sellers in Makola at the Central Business District in Accra are making good sales following the re-opening of schools across the country after nine months of COVID-19 shutdown.

A visit by the Ghana News Agency (GNA) to the Market saw a multitude of crammed nose masks vendors, with many people buying packs.

Madam Regina Aboagye, a nose mask trader told GNA reporters that many people were buying the nose masks due to the re-opening of schools.

She said most of them who bought the masks were mainly students who were preparing to go back to school and parents who were preparing their children for school.

“This time around they are buying because of the school reopening. Initially, they were not purchasing the nose masks as they are now. There have been improvements in sales,” she said.

Ms. Aboagye indicated that there was a higher purchase of nose masks designed for kids as compared to those for adults, adding that, the one for kids came with toys.

She said a pack of nose masks designed for kids was made up of 50 pieces and sold at GH¢50, with those for adults going for GH¢25 and the colored ones for adults at GH¢27.

Ms. Aboagye expressed excitement over the rise in sales and said she was going for more.

Madam Felicia Asongro, also a nose masks seller, said the market had picked up due to the opening of schools and that they were running out of stock, especially those for children.

GNA observed that though nose mask sales went up, usage of masks was rather low.

Madam Asongro said she could not explain why most of the traders and those who bought the masks failed to wear them.

Mr Akwesi Osei, a trader, said because they were always selling in the hot weather, masks easily got soaked with sweat, making it uncomfortable to wear.

He said it was not a deliberate act not to wear the mask but due to the nature of their job.


Source: GNA

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