Music ministration means a lot to us than money – Daughters Of Glorious Jesus

Sensational Gospel music trio, Daughters Of Glorious Jesus has pointed out that their gospel of Christ music ministration means a lot to them than money because the pillars of their foundation are built on Christ.

Daughters Of Glorious Jesus whose career spans more than thirty(30) years disclosed this in an interview with Giovani Caleb on Showbiz 360 on TV3, Good Friday, April 2.

When the host asked them if there is money in their music ministration over the years, the ever-​green trio answered thus, “there is more blessing not money, money is part of the blessing”.

They also shared their experiences where they have finished a very powerful music ministration and they only got “thank you, God bless you” for it without any financial gratuity.

“We are blessed, our foundation is steeped in Christ so money doesn’t bother us as such, it could be that you will call us to perform today without pay but if you call us tomorrow we shall return to perform. This is because there could be just one person that God will use our ministration to save, what we do not like is that because of money, we wouldn’t be able to perform at a program we were meant to minister, that’s what we abhor”.

“There was one instance we met a very popular musician at a program who asked us: so you guys are coming to perform here without your cheque been handed to you? Or is it because of the people gathered here that you guys want to perform? We answered in the affirmative that yes we are here to perform because if the audience is made up of ten or twenty people, it could be that it’s only one person that God wants us to touch with our music” they shared with Giovani.

“To us, money is good but money is not everything, if God through our music saves people, that means a lot to us than everything” they emphasized.

Daughters Of Glorious Jesus pointed out that during their thirty years anniversary last year, they released their latest album called “Aseda Dwomm” with powerful songs on there to touch the hearts of their fans and listeners.

They acknowledged that the gospel music landscape has changed a lot with time because the world is changing but “God’s word is still the same”.

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