Life as a successful musician very stressful but I love every bit – KiDi

Lynx Entertainment signee, Dennis Nana Dwamena better known as KiDi says that being a successful musician means you’d have to sacrifice most of your holidays and weekends in order to be in the studio working.

“As for this work I can say that if you really want to be successful, we don’t have off days and holidays and we don’t also rest on weekends,” he said.

“Enjoyment” hitmaker, KiDi who won the Male Vocalist of the Year at the 2019 Ghana Music Awards said that he’s always in the mood to record since music comes from inspiration but do take a day off some times to refresh his mind.

“But me I think that it’s about inspiration and the music do come at all times so you should always be ready to record,” he told the host.

He added “Sometimes I do take a day off to rest because I’m a human to get some rest to relieve some stress to get some fresh mind.”

Speaking on the Kastle Drive show with Amansan Krakye in Cape Coast monitored by, KiDi said he’s so happy with the talent God has given him and so he doesn’t feel hurt or tired doing what he loves best.

“But generally, we don’t have holidays and even if we travel it’s just to perform at shows and not for funfair,” he continued on Kastle FM.

“I’m happy to do it because this is what I love which is the gift God has given me so when I’m doing it I don’t feel like I’m hurting myself or getting tired I really enjoy doing it,” he ended.

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