Legal action still an option – Father of dreadlocked student turned away at Achimota School

The family of one of the Rastafarian boys initially stopped from beginning the academic year at the Achimota Senior High School says legal action is still on the table despite reports that the Ghana Education Service (GES) has intervened in the situation.

The GES has directed Achimota School to fully admit the two Rastafarian boys who were turned away sparking widespread debate and outrage.

Raswad Nkrabea, the father of Tyrone Iras Marhguy, one of the boys facing discrimination, says he is waiting for a formal response to legitimize the development.

“We haven’t gotten an official response from the school or from the GES, so it is very important that we stay very resolute and alert in terms of what is happening,” he said in an interview.

“Our lawyer is standing by to do what is necessary as we told the school we were going to do a class-action lawsuit and that is still on the table if they decide they are going to be adamant and restrict the liberty of these students.”

In line with this, the parents of the two Rastafarian boys plan to seek clarifications from the GES.

Raswad Nkrabea also wants the decision to accept dreadlocked students in public Senior High Schools (SHS) to be extended to all schools.

“We do not want the situation where it will just apply to just one school like the Achimota School then you find this thing happening in Kumasi next year or somewhere else. We want to make sure the legal processes are followed up properly,” he said.

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