Kunta Kinte Lost Part Of His Memory – Flowking Stone

Rapper Flowking Stone has disclosed his brother Kunta Kinte lost part of his memory when he had a stroke but has given a positive update on his recovery.

Flowking Stone and Kunta used to be a duo, under the brand name Bradez and they were a force to reckone with in the early 2000s. However, they were forced to go solo when Kunta Kinte was hit by a stroke.

In an interview on Hitz FM, Flowking Stone revealed that his brother’s health is getting better.

According to him, it took a series of interventions to this far because Kunta’s situation “was not a joke”.
‘Kunta’s illness affected not just our singing career, but his holistic well-being.’

He indicated that his brother “lost some part of his memory. He lost some parts of his writing skills and others.”

“We wanted him to go at his own pace and not rush him to come back. We didn’t want the situation where he would be in an interview and cannot articulate properly,” he added.Flowking made the revelation while commenting on the future of the Bradez brand in the Monday morning interview.

According to him, Bradez is set for a great comeback and they would test the waters by releasing remixes of their hit songs.

Source: Daily Guide

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