In what appears to be a swaggering peremptory manner, you have dismissed the existence of COVID-19

You think of the scary news making rounds as fairytales told from some children’s book.

You believe your belief system is capable to shield you from this ‘devilish’ visitor of the world.

You believe in the Holy Books of the Bible and Quran so much so that you think they hold the powers to protect you from any deadly effects of the not-so-novel coronavirus.

Well, a teacher with the Ghana International School has died of COVID-19.

A lecturer at GIMPA has fallen prey to the venomous bile of the deadly coronavirus pandemic.

A National Security capo has walked the path hereafter when he still had a lot to live for.

Many have died in the cold arms of this virus. You think you are special?

Dear friends, COVID-19 is not a dream. It is a reality. It is deadly. It is danger personified.

Let’s not joke with COVID-19. We joke with it at our own peril. Let’s live by the safety protocols and live!

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