I wasn’t paid to be an influencer for coronavirus vaccines, I just felt like promoting it – Diana Hamilton

Ghanaian gospel singer, Diana Hamilton has denied categorically on Kastle FM in an exclusive interview with Amansan Krakye monitored by that no one has paid her to be an influencer for the coronavirus vaccination.

The ‘Mo Ne Yo’ hitmaker, Diana Hamilton recently received a shot of the coronavirus vaccine in the United Kingdom where she usually resides and shared a video of herself receiving a dose of the vaccine on her Instagram page.

Talking on Kastle Entertainment Show in Cape Coast, Diana Antwi was questioned as to why she shared a video of herself taking the Covid-19 vaccine and why she clarified in the video that no one has paid her to do that.

She said, “To be honest I didn’t really think someone will doubt but nowadays due to social media we’ve become influencers and people will approach you to be an influencer.”

“If you’re not careful your information to the public will be skewed so in that case if an influencer is marketing a product you will surely think that person has been paid for sweet-talking,” she remarked.

“When it happens like that it makes people switch off straight away so I just thought that I should say it on record as a fact that I haven’t taken money or planned with someone to come and give a testimony about the Covid-19 vaccine jab neither did I speak with any government officials,” she added.

“I thought that I’m a nurse and I had COVID-19 so I’m in a better position to explain myself that’s why I said on authority that no one has paid me to campaign for the Covid-19 vaccination,” she continued.

“Let me wipe away the idea that I’m speaking for a company or an organization so that people will know that I’m speaking from an unbiased position,” she clarified.

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