I had to smuggle food out of the dining hall just to feed my family – Medikal

Ghanaian rapper Medikal has taken to Twitter to recall some of what he describes as the darkest moments in his life.

Recounting his struggles while growing up, the “La hustle” hitmaker said there were times when his family could not afford the three basic necessities in life; Food, clothing, and shelter.

Medikal who was a student of Ordorgorno Senior High School during those challenging moments said at a point in time, he had to pack some of the dining hall food, sneak out of the school compound to feed his hungry family.

“I remember days I for carrying Cho from Oddorgonno Senior High School dining hall jump school wall take come house make momee and kidisis fi chop!.”

Narrating his story further, Medikal established that he became a serial thief in his school just so his family could survive.

According to the rapper, he made away with people’s chop-boxes, irons and other personal effects without being caught.

“Whoever for Dorm 2 Wey you no find your chop box for SS2 the very last term, it was me. Days I Logo people dema iron put trunk inside goo shoot for circle chale. La hustle since. If you truly de remember and you were the proud owner of a green chop box come for ghc 10k right now! Na I no get choice chale!”

He continued by saying: “I remember days Wey flood destroy everything for wonna room Wey notin lef! I for fold my jeans join my bag do pillow sleep on am. Nadmo come take us pictures say them go bring we tins. Notin!”

Proud and thankful of how far he has come, the rapper eulogized his godfather, Chris Waddle for contributing greatly to his success.

“CrissWaddle. Thank you so much for putting me on! You changed my life. Heaven knows I will forever be grateful. I love you, let’s marry er. Or?” he wrote on Twitter.

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