I get inspiration for my music from the weirdest places; even while making love; Kidi reveals

Afrobeat and Highlife singer, Kidi made some wild revelations in his recent interview about where his inspiration for songs come from.

The good-looking singer has been labeled a casanova with his serenading vocals and lyrics making him a certified lady’s man. Nonetheless, in response to what rouses his ability to create hit songs, the musician could not place his fingers on a particular thing.

According to him, he gets inspired at the weirdest times and he just gets into his zone and creates something magical.

”Inspiration hits in the weirdest places and the weirdest times…I may be doing the number two, I may be bathing, I may be in the middle of something”, he said.

Upon further probing by the interviewer, Kidi admitted that he has gotten inspiration for a song while making love before.

The Lynx Entertainment signee expressed that the idea for some of his songs has come up while humping.

‘’Freaky Lord’ [a song on the ‘Blue’ EP]…it wasn’t that song in particular but I’m saying like there’ve been songs where I’ve been in the middle of [making love]…and sometimes it hits”, he added.


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