I get angry anytime I listen to Counsellor Charlotte Oduro – Christina Awuni

Popular Kumawood actress, Christina Awuni has angrily called out lady Reverend Counsellor Mrs. Charlotte Oduro for being overly critical of married women and encouraging them to suffer in silence in hopes to save their marriages.

The heavily endowed actress expressed her displeasure over statements made by the counselor about wives having to ‘pamper ‘ their cheating spouses.

“I always get angry anytime I listen to her on air. She is always on us which to me is unfair. I have never heard her speak about married men before.

As a woman, you tell your fellow sister to tolerate and pamper a cheating husband.

I want to tell you that for some men, no matter how well you pamper them, they will never change. Some men do not like to be pampered. No matter how much you would pamper them, what they have planned to do, that is what they will do, so I don’t agree with her one bit.”

Speaking on a radio station in Accra, the actress suggested that advice concerning marital issues must be given to both couples and not addressed to only women, as both parties contribute to the success or failure of their union.

“I strongly disagree with her. As some women are evil, so it is with some men.

Even if she advised that wives should pamper their husbands, she should also advise husbands to stop cheating on their wives. As the proverb says ‘as you advise the piece of fish, you also advise the cat.”

In a video that went viral weeks ago, Lady Rev. Charlotte Oduro was on air advising women to stand by and support their men in every situation. She went on to advise women to tolerate and pamper their cheating spouses.

Her statement sparked lots of negative comments as some women trolled her for condoning women suffering in their marriages.

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